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Commonwealth Dart League (CDL) is a summer-only, steel-tip dart league based in the greater Boston area.

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Competition in the Summer 2018 season was intense! View the final standings for the 2018 season here.


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Darts Betting in the UK

Betting has become one of the most participated activity in the entire world. Across all continents people participate in betting on sporting activities. It has become a business for the betting companies and a job opportunity for the betting participants. In the United Kingdom people bet on different sporting activities. One of the most bet on sporting activity is darts. Darts used to be a game that was played in pubs and working men’s club in the United Kingdom but was never much of a TV display. In the current era darts have become fun to spectate and thousands of people also tune in to the TV channels to watch the tournaments. This growing interest and love of darts have led to development of interest in different betting points in the United Kingdom. With the premier league darts being one of the most popular dart league in the United Kingdom, many betting companies include it in their betting platform. Some of the most famous betting sites in the United Kingdom include, William Hill, Ladbrokes and Coral Darts betting among many more. These sites give the United Kingdom citizens a platform for engaging in darts betting.

The PDC, Professional Darts Corporation world championship is one of the most popular dart tournament in line with the Premier League Darts. Betting companies publish different odd markets several months ahead of each tournament. The betting participants make their predictions early enough with advanced odds and stakes. They bet for their favorite players or the ones they feel or think are likely to become victorious. Betting in darts has gone beyond betting for only on winners. Many betting markets have been introduced. Some of the betting markets in the premier league darts include;

Different betting companies have different terms and policies for dart betting. The betting odds also vary per company. Dart betting in the premier league dart is a common activity in the United Kingdom.