2014 Season

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Team Name Division Sponsor Captain
Flyin' Donkeys Platinum The Silhouette Lounge Gregg Tong
7 Frogs 2 Heinys Platinum French Club Donny Willyard
Sick Shooters Platinum Zeke's Pub Ron Garofalo
Raging Bulls Platinum The Castlebar Stephen Marsh
"Is It In?" Platinum The Boyne Kendra Roe
Toho Platinum Post 19 Jay Stevens
No Clowns Allowed Gold French Club Jim Thompson
The Henchmen Gold Melrose VFW Steve Amaral
The Otha Team Gold Champions Dan French
Shananagans Gold Biddy Early's Yuji Kuzuhara
St Mark's Post Gold St Mark's Post Corey Burns
Sweatshop Gold A.O.H. Reese Williams
Corks & Busts Silver Melrose VFW Seth McKinnon
Dart Side of the Moon Silver Green Briar Jim Darling
Dartaholics Silver Malden Moose Beth Black
Who Darted? Silver Josie's Bar Joseph Crowley
Donohue's Silver Donohue's Paul Seymour
Bulls Deep Silver Tom English Bar Leah Muise
Stone Cold Tonners Bronze JJ's Irish Pub Dan Cotter
Goes To Eleven Bronze The Silhouette Lounge Todd Piotrowski
Mahtahyr Bronze Post 19 Kim Burdulis
Bent Shafts Bronze Crossroads Austin Wei and Chris Hugenburger
East End Boys Bronze East End Grille Pat Salvato
U R The Darter Bronze Champions Jamie Oskin

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